Molex Expands Customization, Modification and Extensions for Mini-Fit® Portfolio and KK® System

Molex Incorporated offers an expanded range of customization, modification and extension (CME) capabilities on variations of its Mini-Fit® product offerings and KK® system of “building block” connectors for small pitch, high current, high density applications. CME versions of the Mini-Fit and KK interconnects feature multiple power, circuit count, configuration and size parameters for optimal flexibility in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board standard offerings and blind mating applications in mid-range power products.

“In an effort to better serve unique and dynamic customer specifications, our global product team has developed a full range of value-added customizations, modifications and extensions for the popular and proven Mini-Fit and KK power connector solutions,” states Corey Schroeder, product manager, Molex. “Depending on the application specifications, a customer’s unique requirements can be achieved swiftly and economically, with only minor tooling modifications or alterations—and minimal to no tooling costs.”

Mini-Fit CME capabilities include, but are not limited to:
  •     Special polarization to differentiate duplicate circuit sizes
  •     Custom molds for housings and receptacles
  •     Longer tails for thicker printed circuit boards
  •     Latch-less, dual side latching, slide-n-lock
  •     First-mate, last-break contacts
  •     Custom panel mounts
  •     Colored housings
Suitable for power applications up to 13.0 Amps per circuit, Mini-Fit interconnect products are available in single-row or dual-row, 2- to 24-circuit options, with multiple plating and material selections. Other core attributes include an operating temperature of -40 to +105 degrees C, fully isolated terminals, positive housing locks, low-engagement forces and polarized housings and receptacles. Mini-Fit product lines include Mini-Fit Jr.™, blind mate interface, compliant pin interface and H2O sealed connectors.


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