Milwaukee® Introduces New Max-Lok™ Carbide Extension System

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces the new Max-Lok™ Carbide Extension System, designed to both extend and increase the versatility of SDS-MAX rotary hammer bits.

The easy to use Max-Lok™ system allows SDS-MAX bits to drill deeper and in tight spaces by extending them up to 82”. With Max-Lok™ extensions ranging in length from 12.5” to 82.5”, the Max-Lok™ system is designed to give users the ability to drill in hard to reach areas or drill large diameter through holes (over 1-1/4”) while maintaining  maximum energy transfer for increased productivity.

For complete versatility, the system can be driven with all rotary hammer bit retention types. Max-Lok™ extensions are available in SDS-MAX, SDS-PLUS, or Spline shanks that each convert to an SDS-MAX shank at the opposite end. This allows the user to connect all three shank types to the Max-Lok™ connection (48-20-6950) and securely lock both the extension and bit together for maximum reach.

With the launch of the new Max-Lok™ Carbide Extension System, Milwaukee Electric Tool continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering innovative accessory solutions to save time and increase productivity on the jobsite.


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