Millenium 3 Touch Panel - MTP05

Measuring only 3.5", this ultra compact panel offers unparalleled display performance, with excellent visibility even when using small characters, high contrast, and superior brightness thanks to the high intensity LEDs.

Offering 2 MB memory capacity (for creating up to 180 screens), the MTP05 is easy to program and use, with the intuitive symbol library greatly simplifying the whole screen creation process.

Directly compatible with the Millenium 3 SLin/SLout blocks, this complete one-screen solution can control the Millenium 3 and vice versa.

The MTP05 Millenium 3 Touch Panel archives data on an SD card to save valuable time. And by locating numerous Millenium 3 display function blocks remotely in the MTP05, you have plenty of free memory to run even more powerful programs.
The front panel can be protected to withstand adverse conditions (IP65).

Fitted with a backup battery, the panel can store all your backup data (Millenium 3 data, clock data, internal MTP05 data and alarm history) in the SRAM in the event of power failure.


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