McLean Cooling Technology Puts Motorized Impellers on the Fast Track

McLean Cooling Technology is pleased to announce its new Fast Track motorized impeller program with the largest selection of in-stock AC- and DC-voltage motorized impellers to help keep you on schedule.

As the leading electronics cooling manufacturer in North America, McLean Cooling Technology can maintain a larger inventory and supply out of stock parts in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Motorized impellers from McLean Cooling Technology come in a wide variety of sizes and airflow capacities, from smaller 115 CFM (195 M³/Hr) units to robust units that deliver 1558 CFM (2647 M³/Hr) of cool air flow.

DC models work with virtually any electronic controller. Every impeller is built with double-sealed ball bearings designed for quiet, reliable performance both indoors and outside.

McLean has more than 30 years of electronics cooling expertise and is committed to helping you choose the right motorized impeller. The new Fast Track motorized impellers from McLean Cooling Technology decrease development cycles and system downtime for electronics cooling engineers.


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