Maxim's Essential Solutions Anticipate the Next-Generation Cellular Network

Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces several essential HetNet solutions needed for next-generation base-station equipment. The solutions include single-chip multiband radio transceivers, broadband gain blocks, direct RF synthesis DACs, and intelligent, digital, point-of-load controllers.

The cellular radio access network (RAN) is evolving to a heterogeneous network that demands a set of diverse analog and mixed-signal base-station solutions required for the main radio signal paths, baseband processing support, and power-conversion nodes. Maxim has anticipated the HetNet evolution and offers new solutions that deliver dense analog integration with high dynamic performance, low power, and high reliability.

HetNet is the coordinated deployment of critical 3G/4G wireless infrastructure elements comprising macro cell and small cell base stations, residential femto cells, and mobile backhaul. The network elements work in concert to deliver the high data throughput, high mobility, and the exceptional quality of experience that mobile broadband subscribers expect from the 3G/4G network. With exploding mobile media and data consumption patterns, subscribers will experience ubiquitous, reliable, and seamless connectivity from the HetNet architecture.

Selection of Maxim Solutions for the HetNet
  •     MAX2550–MAX2553 single-chip small-cell radio transceivers improve residential coverage and network capacity.
  •     MAX5879 direct RF synthesis DAC for multicarrier, multiband, and multistandard macro cell, small cell, and wireless backhaul transmitters; allows designers to develop a fully digital RF transmitter on a common hardware platform.
  •     MAX2870 ultra-wideband 23.5MHz to 6000MHz synthesizer with integrated VCO enables multiband LO frequency synthesis in base-station radios.
  •     MAX15301 InTune™ digital point-of-load controller with automatic compensation, integrated FET driver, and integrated PMBus™ telemetry delivers high-efficiency, intelligent, power-management nodes to radio and baseband units.
  •     The MAX2612–MAX2616 broadband, 40MHz to 4000MHz gain blocks deliver exceptional gain flatness, noise figure, and linearity; ideal for general-purpose RF amplifier applications in base-station and wireless backhaul radios.
Industry Commentary
  •     J. Madden, Principal Analyst of Mobile Experts said: "During 2010, the number of terabytes of mobile data exceeded the terabytes of voice data for the first time. And with the tsunami of demand for mobile data, operators are changing their focus to indoor and small-cell deployments to increase capacity. The network of the future is a 'HetNet.'" (Madden, J., "Semiconductors for Small Cells," Mobile Experts, October 2011, p. 14.)
  •     Vickram Vathulya, Managing Director in Maxim's Communications Solutions Group explained: "Maxim is in a unique position. We are leveraging our experience in IC integration to deliver disruptive high-performance technologies and differentiated solutions for a successful HetNet rollout."


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