Maintenance Indicator Monitors Equipment

The new Maintenance Indicator is part of the Smart Indicator range from Arcolectric.

Functionally the Maintenance indicator monitors appliance usage, and operates as a preventative maintenance or regular inspection reminder for the equipment user. This state of the art device counts time that mains power is applied, and remembers the accumulated time even if power is switched off. Blue or Green LED illumination indicates normal operation, but when the factory set operating time is exceeded the illumination changes to flashing Red, indicating that service or maintenance action is required. Connecting the 'reset' terminal to neutral resets the timer to zero, and timing starts again.

Smart Indicators have an on-board power supply, signal conditioning, a microcontroller, with custom firmware, and a choice of LED colours and codes – offering a unique combination of functionality in this compact package size.

Typical domestic applications include, reminding coffee machine users to decalcify their machines, change deep fat fryer oil, and change or clean cooker hood filters. For service interval indication, the unit could be fitted into gas appliances to indicate when servicing or inspection is overdue. Additionally, users could be given an indication when their appliance warranty period is about to expire.

Each of the devices have the familiar and convenient snap-in profile that fits standard 30x11mm panel cut-outs, making it fast and simple fast to change existing switches or indicators and upgrade existing equipment with new functionality. The smart indicators feature dual LEDs, so there is a wide choice of illumination colors and color combinations.


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