M-Series Circuit Breaker Available with UL489A

Carling Technologies introduces the latest update to its well-known, highly reliable M-Series hydraulic/magnetic circuit breaker. The M-Series now features a compact, space saving, vertically mounted parallel pole configuration, which is UL489A listed up to 50 amps and is well suited for telecommunication equipment, conveniently fitting in a one rack unit. Additionally, two uniquely designed terminal options are featured:

Option 1: features a jumper buss connecting each of the pole’s line and load terminals, offering a single connection point for the line terminal, and another for the load terminal. The jumper buss ensures the application’s current is divided evenly, providing the highest level of balanced circuit protection.

Option 2: features push-in-studs – commonly used in the telecommunication industry. Push-in-studs provide hot swappable convenience when adding and/or replacing mandated circuit protection to/from telecom equipment. Option 2 requires the application be configured to in a way to provide a common line buss for both line terminals, and a common load buss with two sockets for inserting the two load terminals, ensuring the protected circuit’s current is divided evenly to provide the highest level of balanced circuit protection.

Parallel Pole Features:
  • UL489A listed up to 50A
  • Vertically Mounted with higher amperage
  • Well suited for one rack unit
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Hot swappable (Option 2)


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