Lumberg Automation Extends Its Range of Modular I/O Devices with the Introduction of EtherNet/IP I/O Modules from Belden

Belden Inc. (NYSE:BDC), a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, introduces EtherNet/IP I/O modules facilitating the connection of discrete wiring devices (sensor/actuators) via 16 digital I/O channels with universal input/output or input functionality directly to industrial controllers.

These EtherNet/IP modules are available with 16 universal user-selectable digital inputs/outputs (0980 ESL 710) or 16 dedicated inputs (0980 ESL 711). The easy diagnostic concept helps to find the exact location of any faults for each I/O port with “on-board” LED diagnostic indicators. Access to this information is also available via the EtherNet/IP network: making it possible to evaluate the details on a centralized operating and display system, such as a Human Machine Interface (HMI), without having to configure the module.

oth modules fully support ODVA’s Device Level Ring (DLR) standard (Including Allen-Bradley® ControlLogixTM and KinetixTM products), enabling multi-port EtherNet/IP devices to operate in a ring or linear topology. DLR insures that a single-point failure does not prevent communication between the remainder of the functioning devices. The integrated switch allows both ring and line (daisy chain) topology. A substantial cost saving can be obtained as external switches are not needed.

Due to their ruggedized housing and IP67 terminations, these EtherNet/IP modules require no protective enclosure and are ideally suited for mounting directly on machines. Operational temperatures are -10°C to +60°C; and 24 V DC (11-30 V DC) power input is through standardized 7/8” 4-pole power connectors. Network addressing is via rotary switches, BOOTP or DHCP.

As the premier supplier of leading technology and mission-critical products, you can Be Certain with Belden.


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