Linear Guided Table with Electronic Motion Control - Series LES Electric Slide Table

SMC innovated the integrated work table, linear guide, and actuator nearly 20 years ago with the MXS pneumatic slide table.  Now in the 21st century, the concept has gone electric!  While rod and rodless sliders are common in the electric actuator market, very few manufacturers offer a slide table.  Once again, you can count on SMC to offer the products you need.

The LES is actuated by an electric motor driving a linear ball screw.  The work table offers top and front load mounting surfaces.  Underneath, the linear guide maintains positional accuracy and supports moment loading.  Actuator and system features include:
  •     3 motor and body sizes with 2 or 3 strokes each
  •     Reverse-mounted and in-line motor styles to accomodate space constraints
  •     Choose step or servo motor (both have encoders) to refine force / speed profiles
  •     2 screw lead options further optimize force / speed curves
  •     5000 mm/s2 max. acceleration and deceleration
  •     400mm/s max. speed
  •     Controller requires 24VDC power supply
  •     64 step data points possible for defining motion and force
  •     Controller programmed with laptop and software, or pendant


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