Leaving a lasting impression - Ranga Yogeshwar at "Every day is a GreenDay"

"Progress happens. Progress surprises. What is important is that progress is sustainable," reported Ranga Yogeshwar during a visit to the fan specialist ebm-papst. In the eyes of Yogeshwar, one of Germany's most respected economic journalists, society has to distance itself from its every growing need for energy and resources. What is far more important is that progress is compatible with our blue planet, explains Yogeshwar.

The evening event with the presentation by Ranga Yogeshwar was a highlight of the ebm-papst campaign week "Every Day is a GreenDay" in Mulfingen. The campaign, which was initiated by trainees from the company, started on 16 April 2012 with the visit of the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller.

Following the presentation by Ranga Yogeshwar, more than 350 employee and invited guests at the Stauseehalle intensely followed the podium discussion "Ecology - a driver of growth?". Moderated by Dr. Marc Beise of the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung, Ranga Yogeshwar, Christopher Boyd of the European Commission, climate researcher Prof. Dr. Hans von Storch and Rezzo Schlauch, retired Parliamentary Secretary of State held a controversial and informative debate on the need for innovation, the importance of green technology and developments in European environmental policies.


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