Latest Firmware Release adds Stand-Alone Functionality to MicroDisplay

Grayhill is excited to announce the release of firmware 4.0 for their 3D Series MicroDisplay. The new firmware enables stand-alone functionality and also supports new hardware configurations.

Firmware 4.0 includes standard Screen List Objects (such as gauges, graphics, text) which can be accessed from a built-in Menu Object. The Menu Object allows users to enter and navigate a menu using the menu key. The Screen List Object allows users to quickly navigate through favorite screens (objects) by pressing the left and right arrow buttons. Screens and graphic objects are created with Grayhill's PC software tool and stored in the on-board flash memory.

In another recent development, Grayhill has released two new versions of the MicroDisplay for applications where the I/O function and the RS-485 port are not needed. The new part numbers are 3D32XKR-100 and 3D32HKR-100 (with built-in heater). Now, OEM and aftermarket customers can choose the version that is most appropriate for their application.


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