Large Bore, Light Weight Actuator - CS2 Series

The new CS2 series is based on the old CS1 series.  The CS2 utilized die cast aluminum covers resulting is a 55% reduction in weight.  The allowable lateral load of the CS2 remains the same as the CS1 series.  Because the CS2 is dimensionally interchangeable with the CS1, it can drop in to any CS1 application.  The air cushion adjustment is improved for greater adjustability.

The CS2 is available in bore sizes of 125mm, 140mm and 160mm.  The CS2 is available in 31 different standard options so it is a great fit for many applications.  The versatile CS2 is a great value in large bore actuators.

Some Of The Unique CS2 Options That Solve Unique Problems:
  •     XB6 Heat Resistant Option (-10 to 150° C)
  •     XB7 Low Temperature Option
  •     XC4 Heavy Duty Rod Scraper for dusty or dirty environments
  •     XC11 Dual Stroke Three Position
  •     XC12 Dual Force
  •     XC35 Rod Coil Scraper for removing weld slag from piston rod
Applicable Industries:
  •     Food/Beverage
  •     Material Handling
  •     Packaging
  •     Petroleum/Chemical
  •     Mining & Processing
  •     Forestry
  •     Pulp & Paper
  •     Steel
  •     Automotive


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