L-com Adds New Industry-Standard Video Cable Options

L-com, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, has added three new cable series to support DVI single link, DVI dual link, and HDMI® standard applications. The new products are available right away and complement the premium cable lines that L-com has offered for years.

L-com's premium video cables, including CTLDVIMM, CTLDVI-DL-MM, and HDCAMM, have provided excellent video signal transmission for years and have stood up to more expensive brand competitors, providing "better than" standard solutions. The new cable series, CGDVIMM, CGDVI-DL-MM, and CGHDMM, use the strict industry standards to ensure signal transmission while improving the product value.

"One of our strengths at L-com is our ability to provide options," said Steve Smith, Product Manager. "We know a single product does not fit all applications, so it is important to us to offer our customers a choice, backed up by our award winning customer service and our complimentary technical support."

The new cables are available in several lengths. The L-com website offers free 2D and 3D engineering drawing files for download.


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