K Range - Power Rocker Switches and Indicators

After the introduction of the KR rocker switches and the KL locking rocker switches, APEM is pleased to announce the release of the KI series LED indicators.

The design of this series matches the state-of-the-art appearance of the KR, based on curved lines. APEM offers a wide choice of 8 bezel colours, 3 different terminal types and 5 LED colours. For right in the sun applications, a super bright LED option is available.

The laser etching process allows high definition marking with an infinite number of symbols. Each product includes one or two symbols.

The KI series can be used in all the stylish dashboards where the KR is present. This new series is featured in the new 32 pages K-range catalogue, together with the KR, KL, KG rocker series and their common accessories (mounting panels, removing tool, connectors and hole plugs). Selections of 120 different symbols are also shown at the end of this catalogue.

The K range is mainly intended for applications in the control panels of buses, boats, agricultural machines and construction vehicles. With the introduction of the KI LED indicators, APEM strengthens its portfolio of products dedicated to civil vehicles.


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