Johnson Electric Launches Quiet Solenoid Product Line - Best solution for Low Noise in Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Johnson Electric today announced a new solenoid product line using new low noise technologies for solenoid actuation. Equipment manufacturers in the medical diagnostic, medical device and business machine industries face increasing demands for high speed processing and quiet operation. Advances in this area result in lower noise working environments.  The Ledex STA-Q solenoid, offers a 45 dBA audible noise reduction versus industry standard solenoid performance.  This industry leading low noise performance is attained without reducing the long life and reliability that currently defines the Ledex STA tubular product line.

"Noise is becoming an important factor for diagnostic equipment installed in high volume labs and also in physicians’ offices", said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric's Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing.  "The STA-Q is the industry's quietest solenoid" he added.


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