Johnson Electric Launches New DC Motor for Hand Blenders - Best Continuous Run Time DC Motors for Improved Reliability

Johnson Electric today announced a high voltage DC motor (HVDC) series for hand blenders. These new motors are designed to provide the best continuous run time and lowest operating temperature for hand held kitchen blenders. The high torque performance enables adoption of more accessories for various types of food processing.

The hand blender motor product line delivers higher efficiency, higher torque and lower temperature rise than traditional motors. This reduces hand blender heat issues and enables longer continuous run time. The power density of the motor ensures a slimmer and lighter hand blender design. More food processing options can be supported due to the motor power range.

"This product satisfies the performance needs of the most demanding users," said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric's senior vice president of Strategic Marketing.  "Longer continuous run time is a critical feature to improve reliability." he added.


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