Johnson Electric Launches Motor Product Line for Electronic - Throttle Control Best Torque, Vibration and Temperature Performance

Johnson Electric today announced the ETC motor product line for electronic throttle control. This product line provides high torque, high vibration resistance and the highest operating temperature range. The ETC motor product line operates reliably in temperatures up to 160°C and withstands vibration up to 50G.

The high torque ETC motor product line employs unique technology including magnetic circuitry design, winding technology, commutation interface and terminal design. This innovative design increases EMC suppression compared to industry standard products. The product line can be customized to provide EMC suppression up to CISPR 25, Level 5.

“Improved electronic throttle control technology is a key design element for improved fuel economy,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing, “ETC motor performance under high temperature and severe vibration is critical,” he added.


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