Johnson Electric Launches High Flow Rate Pumps for Beverage Dispensing - NSF Certified for Hot and Cold Beverages

Johnson Electric today announced a gear pump product line for beverage dispensing. These gear pumps are certified by NSF International for safe food processing. The flow rate of the product line is twice that of traditional beverage pumps and can deliver hot liquid up to 95 degree C, and also efficiently dispense cold liquids. With an optional electronic controller, the pumps can deliver variable flow rates to dispense different types of drinks to suit various tastes.

The NSF gear pump product line is designed with an isolated gear pump head which generates no temperature rise when delivering cold beverages. The pumps are operated by low voltage DC power to enhance the safety and reliability of beverage machines.

"These high flow rate pumps improve productivity in beverage dispensing," said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing. "Our research and development is focused on creating products with value for food and beverage professionals," he added.


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