Johnson Electric launches Electric Starter for Walk Behind Lawn Mowers – Cost Effective Starter Design without Battery

Johnson Electric today announced a revolutionary new engine starter system for walk behind lawn mowers. This new addition to the PowerPod TM electric starter product line is designed to provide an alternative to the conventional pull-string starter method, without the cost of adding a battery. This is accomplished by a temporary connection to an AC power outlet. In addition to enhancing ease-of-use, this new product improves first time starting.

The PowerPod-WB brings technology innovation to the walk behind mower industry by supplementing traditional pull string starters, to deliver comfortable and physical stress free starting. This starter is driven by a high voltage DC motor, powered from an AC outlet. This new starter also incorporates a unique bushing to reduce starting noise and includes a water proof seal and a stable-engagement pinion. The engine mounting and safety guard can be customized for any engine.

"The PowerPod-WB is designed to provide effortless starting of walk behind lawn mowers," said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing. "This product innovation allows lawn mower designers to cost effectively add an electric starting option," he added.


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