Johnson Electric Launches Automotive Door Lock Gear Motors - New Hybrid Worm Gear for Long Life and Lowest Power Budget

Johnson Electric today announced a door lock motor product line for the automotive industry. This new line of gear motors delivers the highest performance with the lowest power budget. An innovative hybrid worm gear technology has been developed to replace the traditional D-cut worm gear in this application. The press fitting of the hybrid worm overcomes the inherent loose fitting disadvantages associated with traditional D-cut designs. The door lock motors deploying this hybrid worm gear provide the highest performance in all critical design parameters; life cycle, pull off force, TIR and twisting torque. This new door lock motor product line also provides a viable alternative to brass worm gears in the most demanding applications.

“This innovation fills the performance gap between the current plastic gear and brass gear motor designs,” said Jim Dick, Johnson Electric’s senior vice president of Strategic Marketing, “High reliability and low power budget are the critical factors in door lock design,” he added.


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