JackRapid Termination Tool Supports PANDUIT® NETKEY® Jacks, Adding New Versatility to the World’s Fastest Punchdown Tool

Fluke Networks today announced new interchangeable blade heads for the JackRapid™ termination tool that support PANDUIT® NETKEY®  Category 5e and Category 6 Punchdown Jack Modules (NKP5E88M and NK688M).  JackRapid now supports the vast majority of jack styles commonly used by cable installers.

The JackRapid™ termination tool lets technicians install jacks up to 8 times faster than with traditional punchdown tools.  Users can terminate and trim all eight wires in a jack at once with one easy squeeze, reducing the time spent on the job and saving labor costs.
The JackRapid handle includes a built-in wire jacket stripper, plus an ergonomic design that requires less effort when performing the punchdown process, reducing hand fatigue and allowing more jacks to be punched down faster.  With JackRapid's jacket stripper and the ability to precisely trim all 8 wires without separate snips, installers need fewer tools at the job site.  JackRapid also improves the overall quality level of the job while reducing time to completion.

In an installation of 1000 jacks, a standard single-wire punchdown tool may require 29 labor hours at an average project cost of approximately $1,445 USD.  The same installation job utilizing JackRapid requires 10 hours at an average project cost of approximately $500 USD.  Compared to the traditional single-wire punchdown tools, JackRapid can cut installation time and cost by 2/3.

JackRapid’s patented design features an interchangeable termination head that holds the jack in place.  Different style heads accommodate jack styles from most popular manufacturers.  The termination head uses a wall-friendly design to that makes close-to-wall installations far easier than with other types of tools.

JackRapid increases accuracy and reliability.  Fewer reworks are needed, which increases client confidence and further time savings for the installer. JackRapid is also safer, reducing the risk that technicians will punch into the palms of their hands or through drywall when terminating jacks.


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