Intersil Introduces Ultra-Low Lux Digital Ambient Light Sensor

Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: ISIL) today announced the release of an ultra-low lux ambient light sensor, the ISL29033. With linear sensitivity down to 0.0019 lux, the ISL29033 is ideal for very low light applications such as light sensing behind dark glass and industrial design-challenging applications where typical light sensors have insufficient sensitivity (i.e. indirect light applications).

The ISL29033 includes a lux range select feature that allows users to program the lux range for optimized sensitivity. Power consumption is extremely low -- the typical current consumption is 55uA in operation and 0.01uA in shutdown. The ISL29033 provides a hardware interrupt that remains asserted until the host clears it through the I2C interface. The function of ADC conversion continues without stopping after interrupt is asserted.

Features and Specifications
  •     Closely matches human eye spectral response with excellent IR and UV rejection
  •     Simple linear output code directly proportional to lux
  •     Variable conversion resolution up to 16 bits
  •     Adjustable sensitivity up to 520 counts per lux
  •     Measurement range: 0.0019 to 8,000 lux with four selectable ranges
  •     Programmable interrupt function
  •     55uA typical operating current, with 0.01uA typical current in shutdown
  •     6-Lead 2.0mm x 2.1mm x 0.7mm ODFN package


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