Increased Flow Rates and Longer Life All in the Palm of Your Hand.

SMC's range of process pumps offers compact, high capacity diaphragm pumps that are ideal for the transfer and recovery of a wide variety of fluids.  These pumps have minimal energy consumption, increased flow rates, and a longer life.
Decreased Energy Consumption

SMC's continued focus on energy consumption is exhibited in the Series PB pumps.  Because of its lower power consumption, .35 W compared to the previous .45 W (solenoid type only), processes run with less energy, thereby decreasing operating costs.
Increased Discharge

Even with the decreased use of energy, the pump's discharge has been increased.  The compact large capacity design of the PB1011A and PB1013A allows control of the discharge flow rate from 8mL/ min. to a maximum 2000mL/ min -- an increase of 4 times beyond the previous model (4 times greater related to PB1013A).
Longer Life

Finally, design and material updates have increased the life of the pump by 10 million cycles, and the PTFE diaphragm makes it suitable for non-permeating liquids. 

Further enhancements include asize reduction(by 25% as compared to the previous model) which makes maintenance even easier,and an improved fluid passage area which provides better resistance against blockage of foreign matter. Also, due to the ability to mount the PB pumps from the side, front or back, there is increased flexibility to mount the PB pumps almost anywhere.

Additional Features
  •     Self-priming
  •     Low particle generation due to diaphragm structure                        
  •     Flammable fluid use (air operated type)
  •     Easily adjustable flow rate (solenoid type)


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