IEE Develops 3D Display for Handheld Military Applications

IEE, Inc., specializing in the design, test support and fielding of human-systems interface (HSI) display technologies in a wide range of military/aerospace, industrial and retail applications, has integrated 3M’s revolutionary 3D film technology into an IEE handheld control display unit (CDU) to be employed in a wide variety of military training, visualization and remote observation applications.

Introduced in 2009, the field sequential 3D film eliminates the need for 3D glasses, which would greatly impede a soldier in the field or military personnel who work in remote locations. The combined technology of IEE’s field-proven, military-qualified handheld CDU with 3M’s autostereoscopic concept brings best-in-class imaging to military operations.

Steve Motter, vice president business development for IEE, stated, “ Today’s battlefields are data driven, with long range weapons systems and GPS technologies ruling how combat is conducted. Access to the most advanced graphics that provide superior depth perception gives a leg-up advantage to military personnel in the field. With this rugged 3D display, enhanced imagery will now be at the fingertips of our men and women on the battlefield.”

Norb Biderman, director, 3M Industrial and Transportation noted, “Not only will 3D imaging help with existing, in-the-field applications, but it will give the military a number of other ways to help ensure the safety of its men and women. The use of unmanned systems is on the rise, and actual 3D pictures will give viewers a much clearer picture and enhanced awareness of the situation being monitored. What’s more, think of a soldier who can now get a 360 degree view of his or her surroundings.”


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