IDEAL Holder for Standardized LED Down Light Engine

IDEAL announces its LED-Lok™ Down Light Holder that mates with the Philips Fortimo Twistable, an LED Light Engine with integrated driver. Since the Light Engine installs with one simple "twist", replacement is even easier than with a traditional screw-base lamp, yet this product has a thermal interface that maximizes lumen performance and life. In the next several months, additional companies from the US, Asia, and Europe plan to introduce Light Engines that will mate with the LED-Lok holder. Additionally, the IDEAL holder offers many features to enable luminaire design freedom and help overcome the creative limits that sometimes accompany standardized products.

The LED-Lok holder interface is a result of standardization work within the Zhaga Consortium. Zhaga is an open group of lighting, lamp, and component manufacturers from around the world, formed in 2010 to develop standard specifications for the mechanical, electrical, photometric, and thermal interfaces of LED Light Engines (lamps). IDEAL, a leader in lighting connection technology and field wiring, continues as an active member of the group to assure simple LED field replacement while maximizing performance and thermal management of the LEDs. Zhaga is moving quickly to prevent fragmentation into a large number of incompatible LED Light Engines in the installed base. Expect to see the Zhaga name and logo on products such as these in 2012.


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