Hubbell Wiring Systems Introduces netSELECT FPTV Connection Enclosure

Hubbell Wiring Systems is pleased to announce the new netSELECT FPTV Connection Enclosure designed to deliver high-density audio-visual (A/V) and data connectivity and power for today’s flat-panel TVs, displays and interactive whiteboards to sit flush against walls.

Constructed of rugged 18-gauge cold rolled steel that meets high-rise construction requirements, the new FPTV enclosure mounts quickly and easily to studs or sheetrock with no extra hardware for maximum flexibility. This two-gang enclosure also features two additional ISTATION™ mounting locations that accept three standard multimedia modules each.  This allows the enclosure to support a variety of A/V connectors and accommodates large bend radiuses associated with current cable types like HDMI, DVI, RG6/UQ and VGA.

“From homes and conference rooms to sports bars and classrooms, flat panel TVs, home theater systems, information displays and interactive whiteboards are rapidly becoming the norm. With various applications, A/V electronics and connection methods, the ability to easily configure the Hubbell FPTV enclosure with a wide variety of connector types eases deployment of flat-panel displays in virtually every application,” says Nate Herring, senior product manager for Hubbell. “The FPTV is unique in that it features consideration for all connector technologies, a metallic design that fits the requirements of both residential and commercial applications, and has a white power coat finish that blends into the wall for better aesthetics.”

The new netSELECT FPTV Connection Enclosure can be easily integrated with Hubbell ISTATION faceplates and A/V and data modules or keystone connectors, as well as the Hubbell X-END™ Plug-and-Play Multimedia System. The enclosure’s ABS trim ring quickly cleans up sheetrock rough-in, and the optional screw-on cover reduces tampering and protects connections where needed.


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