Hubbell Wiring Systems Introduces New Lighting Dimmers and Fan Speed Controllers

Hubbell Wiring Systems is pleased to announce that it has added three new tradeSELECT® control devices to its comprehensive line of incandescent dimmers and fan speed controllers. Each device is designed to provide precise control with a special purpose in mind, while offering an aesthetically-pleasing look to compliment any décor.

A cost-effective option for today’s modern interiors, the new Hubbell TradeSELECT slide lighting dimmer provides a full range of dimming with slide activation—the slide easily slides up to brighten and down to dim. A final push downward of the slide opens the air gap switch for a positive off. Available in white, ivory and light almond, the 600 Watt, 120 Volt slide dimmer features a thin heat-sink design for low-profile installation.

Also available in white, ivory and light almond with a thin heat-sink low-profile design, the new Hubbell TradeSELECT Omni slide dimmer provides precise control over the full range of dimming. The 600 Watt, 120 Volt Omni slide dimmer features an on/off button integrated into the slide. An additional 3-way lead enables single-pole or 3-way capability in a single device for reduced inventory.

The new Hubbell tradeSELECT rotary fan speed controller is a step up from basic 3-speed controllers. Available in white, ivory and light almond, the rotary fan speed dial provides 100% variable control of fan speed to provide more precise airflow for a given environment, enabling better interior airflow management.


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