Hubbell Wiring Systems Introduces New NEC® Reference Guide

Hubbell Wiring Systems is pleased to announce a new National Electric Code (NEC®) 2011 Code Change Reference Guide for Healthcare and Hospitality. Commonly adopted by state or local law for the safe installation of electric wiring and equipment in the U.S., the NEC is updated every three years to enhance safety and accommodate advancements in technology. This new reference guide from Hubbell provides designers, specifiers, contractors and maintenance personnel with important information about recent code changes for wiring devices in healthcare and hospitality applications.

Hubbell’s comprehensive Code Change Reference Guide for Healthcare and Hospitality features detailed information about key NEC 2011 changes impacting the use of tamper-resistant receptacles, patient bed location receptacles and isolated ground receptacles. The guide features a detailed chart highlighting 16 code changes along with the code language, a clear code analysis using common technology, and applicable Hubbell code-compliant products.

“Working in conjunction with industry standards like NEMA and testing organizations like UL, the NEC helps ensure safe use of electricity and is relied upon by all designers, contractors and inspectors throughout the country,” says Bob Simon, marketing director for Hubbell. “The constant introduction of new products, technologies and research findings creates necessary revisions to the Code that can impact our customers and their healthcare and hospitality projects. At Hubbell, safety is our number one priority and we’re pleased to help our customers stay on top of the recent NEC changes impacting the use of wiring devices.”


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