Hubbell Wiring Systems Expands H-MOSS OPTIMYZER High-Bay Occupancy Sensor Line

Hubbell Wiring Systems expanded its H-MOSS OPTIMYZER line of high-bay occupancy sensors with additional voltage ratings, optional daylight harvesting photocell and cold temperature versions. These high-bay occupancy sensors mount easily to T5, T5HO and T8 fixtures at heights of up to 45 feet in warehouses, gymnasiums, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

In addition to 120, 277 and 347 VAC, Hubbell’s H-MOSS OPTIMYZER high-bay occupancy sensors now support 480 VAC and 208/240 VAC voltages. New 24 V DC low-voltage versions are also now available, which can be used with Hubbell’s H-MOSS CU300A control unit for powering multiple sensors, circuits or additional equipment such as fans.

Many manufacturing and warehousing operations utilize skylights to provide supplemental illumination. The expanded line of OPTIMYZERs includes an optional built-in photocell for daylight harvesting, providing control of lighting based on available daylight and further reducing energy consumption. OPTIMYZER high-bay sensors are now also available in low-temperature versions for applications to -40°F, an ideal solution for warehouses located in colder regions and for refrigerated storage environments like food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

“Hubbell’s expanded high-bay product line enables our customers to have more control over their energy consumption in a wider range of applications,” says product manager Nate Herring. “More customers will now be able to take advantage of significant savings from automatically turning off high-bay fixtures when areas are vacant. They will also ensure energy code compliance and help obtain more points towards LEED certification.”

All OPTIMYZER high-bay occupancy sensors feature an advanced digital passive infrared (PIR) sensor, a specially designed lens, and coverage masks that provide aisle, end-of-isle, and wide area coverage in a single product. The sensor is available in single circuit and a dual circuit configuration that employs Hubbell’s patented Smart Cycling technology for maximizing lamp life.


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