Honeywell Launches Lighting Consultancy Service to Promote the Switch to LED Lighting

As an aid to companies looking for opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency using LED lighting, Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems (ED&S) has launched a free global consulting service.  The service offers consultations, site surveys, lighting schemes designs, detailed energy and cost saving calculations, and pilot installations for large and small companies to help facility and energy managers understand the energy savings opportunity and their return-on-investment before making the investment.

Lighting represents, on average, 21 percent of a building’s total energy consumption and accounts for 19 percent of global energy production.  A switch to LED lighting could result in as much as 60 percent energy savings when comparing a Honeywell LED tube at 23 watts with a typical fluorescent tube at 58 watts.

LED lighting is the most exciting thing since the electric light – and every bit as revolutionary,” said John Storey, Global Business Director of LED Lighting for Honeywell ED&S. “However, we recognize that the key issue for facilities and energy managers is justifying the initial investment to switch – that’s why we’ve launched our global consulting service, and our online energy calculator to empower them with answers to questions about the long-term return on investment through energy and cost savings.”


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