Honeywell Intelligent Building Solutions Selected to Streamline Building Operations in China’s Wangjing SOHO

Honeywell has signed an $8.3 million contract with SOHO China for the Wangjing SOHO project to provide intelligent, integrated building solutions, focused on creating an efficient, comfortable, green landmark. Honeywell will provide its Attune™ Advisory Services to conduct real-time monitoring and management to streamline Wangjing SOHO’s building operations and identify opportunities to improve building operations, management and services over the life-cycle of this project.

Wangjing SOHO is situated in the heart of Wangjing, Zhaoyang District, Beijing, and covers 115,000 square meters. The building is composed of three high-rise mixed-use office and commercial buildings, and three low-rise commercial buildings. Upon completion in 2014, Wangjing SOHO is expected to become a base for multinational headquarters in China, where many Fortune 500 head offices will gather as well as place for the people of Beijing to shop and relax.

Through the Attune service, Honeywell’s team of expert will consolidate building data and propose actionable plans on how to best reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs, while increasing energy and operation efficiency. Honeywell will also perform real-time tracking and analysis of Wangjing SOHO’s energy use in order to promptly identify and solve problems to truly achieve proper building optimization. The Wangjing SOHO’s building design and construction will be in accordance with U.S. Green Building Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards to create an energy efficient, water efficient, comfortable and intelligent green building.


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