Honeywell ComfortPoint® Open Improves Facility Comfort While Cutting Costs

Honeywell has introduced its next-generation technology to control and optimize heating and cooling equipment in facilities.  The ComfortPoint Open building management system reduces energy costs with built-in utility meter management tools and advanced energy reporting, and is easy to use with web and mobile accessibility. The new tool provides flexibility to grow and expand with end-to-end BACnet® standard protocol network integration.

ComfortPoint Open is designed to increase productivity through an intuitive user interface that puts operators only a of couple mouse clicks away from any detail they need.  Additionally, facility personnel can access the system online, giving them a convenient, round-the-clock way to view building equipment, manage alarms, and change schedules. Using the Honeywell EasyMobile™ client interface, operators can also manage and control equipment from a variety of mobile devices, such as a smartphone or Apple iPad®.


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