Hirschmann (PAT) to Offer Regional Training Courses

Hirschmann Automation and Control, Inc. (PAT) , a leading supplier of crane operator aids, including load moment indicators (LMI), will offer a series of two day technical service training courses in 2009. The courses will feature classroom training along with actual hands-on experience using system simulators. The courses will include system theory, sensor calibration, wiring, and hands-on trouble shooting . The courses are structured to meet the requirements of mechanics and operators regardless of their level of experience. “These courses were designed to give mechanics and operators the latest technical information to help them maximize efficiency and productivity of their crane operations,” stated Bill Mowen, Aftermarket Sales Manager at Hirschmann Automation and Control.

The courses are taught by Hirschmann industry experts, who understand the theory and application of each system. The instructor will bring experience gained through troubleshooting PAT/Hirschmann systems in the field and offer proven techniques to quickly and effectively troubleshoot system components which will minimize machine down time thus increase profits.

Hirschmann has scheduled 10 training courses this year to be held at regional locations through out the United States. This year Hirschmann will provide training on the following systems: DS 160 , iVISOR mentor , DS 85 , and iFLEX5 . Hirschmann will also structure courses for companies at their facilities to meet specific requirements.


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