Hirschmann (PAT) Introduces the TRS 05 Wireless Upgrade

Hirschmann Automation and Control (PAT) has introduced the TRS 05 wireless system upgrade. The TRS 05 gives crane owners the flexibility to incorporate wireless sensors into existing hardwired systems. The TRS 05 is compatible with most Hirschmann/PAT systems on hydraulic or lattice boom cranes. The module will monitor up to four wireless sensors at one time and utilizes the existing console and hardware. Hirschmann’s industry proven wireless sensors install quickly and easily in the field and have an operating range of up to 1000 feet.

Sensor options include anti-two block, load, angle, and wind speed. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS) is utilized to ensure accurate and consistent reception of data and provides additional protection against interference common to construction job sites. The TRS 05 contains unique, serialized transmitter identifiers that are used to ensure proper operation when other cranes are working in the area. The TRS 05 is pre-wired for quick and easy installation and is also available with an optional repeater or as a stand alone system.


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