Heavy|Mate C146 Radsok Modules – High Power in Modular Connector Systems

The new 2-pole power module for series heavy|mate - C146M integrates the Radsok technology into standard industrial connector families. A 6mm power contact for wire gauges 16mm² (AWG 6), 25mm² (AWG 4) and 35mm² (AWG 2) allows power transmission of up to 150A per pin. The module can be used in the standard heavy|mate - C146M frames and can be combined with any other modules of the family. A voltage rating of 1000V enables the module to be used in nearly any industrial field.

Touch proof pin contacts increase the flexibility during configuration of the modular connector. Furthermore they protect against electric shock in unmated condition caused by eventually remaining energy in capacitors or other devices in the system.

The consequent use of crimp technology for wire termination guarantees a vibration & gas proof long term stable and maintenance free connection over the lifetime of the application.

With heavy|mate - C146M the user can configure a hybrid connector himself. A large variety of different power and signal modules is available. Even optical signals or gases can be integrated. Compared to other modular connection system on the market, heavy|mate - C146M offers excellent value for money. Of course this is also valid for the new module – try it.


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