Heavy|Mate 2 Pole Modules – High Power in Modular Connector Systems

The new 2 pole power modules for heavy|mate (C146) M series completes the range of power modules in the modular system. A 3,6mm contact for wire gauge 16mm² (AWG 6) allows power transmission up to 90A at 40°C. The module requires only one space in the frame. Hence reducing the total connector size is done as well as a cost decrease. Voltage is rated to 1000V – of course also pins are touch proof to even increase flexibility in configuration of the final modular connector.

Contacts are crimp terminated. This guarantees cost efficient, vibration & gas proof long term stable and maintenance free connection over the lifetime of the application.

With heavy|mate M the user can configure a hybrid connector himself. A large variety of different power and signal modules is available. Even optical signals or gases can be integrated. Compared to other modular connection system on the market, heavy|mateM offers excellent value for money. Of course this is also valid for the new module
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