HARTING Han-Yellock® Reinventing Connection Technology

HARTING introduces the Han-Yellock® connector series - the next generation of connection technology.

The Han-Yellock® is a completely new connector series developed from several years of market feedback. The sleek new design of the new Han-Yellock series is aesthetically pleasing yet tremendously effective for harsh environments.

The new product combines many new unique features within one connector, most noticeably a new integral locking system which incorporates a patented push button technology and a departure from the existing lever design for latching and un-latching rectangular connectors. The new product allows for simple installation as well as a method for locking the product simply by turning one of the push buttons 90 degrees, thus reducing the chance for unauthorized access without the use of a tool.

The sleek appearance of this industrial product was conceived with the electrical designer in mind. The product saves applied cost and reduces wiring time by incorporating several new features into the design of the connector:

• Pre-wired modules may be installed into the connector body from the front or back and without fixing screws, therefore greatly simplifying and decreasing installation time.
• The ability to combine potentials and contacts has been integrated into the connector providing functions formerly reserved for terminal blocks. This saves space, reduces wiring time and eliminates potential wiring errors.
• The product incorporates a single gender crimp contact design which eliminates the need for inventory and processing of male and female contacts.

The Han-Yellock is available in multiple sizes incorporating up to thirty 20A connections within one connector. The product also accepts standard modules from the widely popular Han-Modular® connector series thus providing great flexibility in choosing termination solutions to meet applications needs.

Han-Yellock is suitable for all industrial markets with applications requiring a robust connector technology solution.


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