Harsh Environment Housings – C146 Now Can Go Offshore!

The new special corrosion resistant housing series from Amphenol offer excellent corrosion resistance also in extreme environments. Especially the problem of crevice corrosion between different spare parts like levers, die casts and fixing parts of the housings, caused by electrochemical reactions, is addressed. Two types of housings are available which offer proven salt mist resistance according to IEC 60512-11:2002 for more than 1440 hours or 500 hours, depending on customer requirements. Like that the connectors meet the requirements up to C5M of DIN EN ISO12944.

This exceeds the parameters of the so far available parts on the market by far , as those parts often showed mentioned problems.

These new housings are dedicated especially to applications where salt mist is a challenge for components. They fit very well into applications like windpower, railways and cranes onshore and offshore.


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