Handheld Enclosures with Trigger Action

OKW have added two new models to the unique SENSO-CASE series of hand controller enclosures. These new electronic enclosures have an integrated push-button switch, in the natural trigger position on the underside of the case, which ensures logical fatigue free operation of the unit for activation and logging functions.

Typical applications will include measuring and control units, machine and robot controllers, stock and sales logging equipment, medical and laboratory technology and opto-electronics.

SENSO-CASE enclosures have an ergonomic hand grip profile with a large head section, and are molded in off-white or lava gray ABS (UL 94 HB). The external dimensions are 7.086" x 3.385" x 1.771". The design consists of four parts: top, base, battery compartment lid, and end panel. Screw pillars are provided inside for mounting PCBs, keypads, cable clamps etc.

The new models are supplied with a single pole push-button switch (max. 28V/100mA), assembly elements for the switch, and an orange rubber button cover molded in soft TPE. 

These handheld enclosures permit both right and left-handed operation, and can be used as mobile units with battery power or connected via a cable. The battery compartment will accept two 1.5V AA or one 9V cell. Optional cable glands replace the standard end panel, and along with a cable clamp, can be used for fitting the control cable. 

The head section has a recessed area in the top for fitting membrane keypads, LCD modules, rubber keypads or push-buttons.  The large front face can be used for mounting sensors or scanners.

OKW can supply the SENSO-CASES with additional holes for the push-buttons, connectors and displays, plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and RFI/EMI shielding.


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