Handheld Enclosures for Touch Screen Technology

In response to the development of more mobile and independent electronic devices, and the growing use of touch screen technology, with graphical interfaces rather then traditional keypads, OKW have developed the new INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures.

These new electronic enclosures can be specified in different configurations to suit independent or cable connected mobile electronics.

The basic housing consists of the top and base parts molded in off-white ABS (UL 94 HB) with a modern contoured shape that is lightweight and very comfortable to hold in the hand.

The top part is available closed, with a recess for a membrane keypad or touch screen, or open for mounting an anodized aluminum front panel. The closed top has been designed for mounting 6.4” or 8.4” touch screens.

INTERFACE-TERMINAL enclosures are available with external dimensions of 7.480” x 5.315” x 1.456” (S) and 8.858” x 6.496” x 1.496” (M). and 10.826" x 7.677" x 1.496" (L).

The handheld enclosures can also be specified with or without a battery compartment for five 1.5V AA cells. The battery compartment can be mounted in the base to suit portrait or landscape orientation of the display/touch screen.

A desk station is also available, and has location tabs on the top for secure location of the enclosure. Both the case and the station can be fitted with five pole contacts for data transfer and charging.

OKW can supply the INTERFACE-TERMINAL with additional holes for the push-buttons, connectors and displays, plus silk-screen printed legends and logos, and RFI/EMI shielding.


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