Guard Locking Safety Door Switch from Omron STI Boasts World's Top Holding Force of Any Switch in it's Class

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the D4JL guard locking safety door switches. The IP67 rated switch provides an incredible holding force of 3,000 N (674 Lbs.), making it a perfect solution for safely locking the largest and heaviest of doors. Two safety circuits and two monitor contacts provide an array of monitoring patterns, including monitoring the open/closed status of the door and the status of the lock. Standard gold-clad contacts enable use with microloads and ordinary loads.

D4JL models are available with rear release buttons that allow workers to unlock the switch from inside the protected area and exit the hazardous areas. Trapped key models are also available, and are designed to prevent workers from being locked in hazardous work areas. With trapped key models, the door can be opened only by supplying power to the solenoid to release the trapped key lock, and then turning and removing the trapped key. As long as a person has the trapped key when he enters a hazardous area, he cannot be accidentally locked inside. It is not possible to enter the hazardous area without the trapped key because the trapped key must be removed to open the door. Thirty different types of trapped keys are available for use in applications with adjacent hazardous areas.


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