G11 Series Analog Output Modules

The G11 Series of AS-Interface I/O modules is one of the best-designed AS-Interface modules on the market.  Its simple, round housing design allows the AS-Interface cable to easily exit the housing in any direction. The round design also makes use of an O-ring gasket to make it impervious to water jets or submersion.

Three new AS-Interface analog output modules are now available. The first two modules have 2 analog outputs for 0-20 mA.  The AS-Interface connection can be made by using either M12 or flat cable. The third module is for 4 analog outputs of either 0-20mA or 0-10 V. The output type can be selected by DIP switch or automatically determined based on the load connected.

Highlights at a glance:
  •     0-10V or 0-20 mA analog output
  •     Fastest analog to digital conversion on the market, 500 μS
  •     Lead breakage detection
  •     Integrated shield connection in M12 connector and on base
  •     Automatic or DIP switch selectable output type
  •     Four output versions can be powered by AS-Interface or auxiliary
  •     Watchdog automatically resets output on communication failure or maintains last state, user choice
  •     Gasket to keep dirt and water from collecting between base and top
  •     Stainless steel mounting hardware
  •     Ecolab, clean design certified


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