Functionally Reliable and Easy to Maintain

The new Hirschmann™ field-attachable GDM series valve connectors can be used to supply power to components such as solenoid valves, pressure sensors and temperature sensors, or to connect them to a data network. Circuit protection ensures that downstream circuitry cannot be damaged by excess voltage or electromagnetic fields. Versions with built-in LED status indicators (with or without circuit protection) are also available, making maintenance considerably easier.

Depending on the version of the valve connector, additional features include the industrial protection class IP68, an operating temperature range of 40° to +90° C and high shock and vibration resistance. They play an important role in implementing reliable solutions that enhance the productivity of machines and systems, even under harsh environmental conditions.

These type A connectors, also available with integrated strain relief conforming to UL 2238, are easy to connect thanks to their greater height. Depending on the connector version, cable diameters of between 4 and 14 mm with a conductor size of up to 1.5 mm2 can be used. The housings are characterized by features such as acid resistance or biodegradability. The easy-to-grip housings ensure safe handling.

The connectors are available with black or transparent housings, depending on the circuitry, and with two or three poles plus PE. The rated voltage is between 12 and 250 VAC/VDC, depending on the version, and the rated current between 1 and 10 A.

In adding the new GDM-series valve connectors to its Hirschmann™ product range, Belden has launched an innovative solution on the market for mechanical and plant engineering. In the words of Product Manager Hartmut Unverricht: ‘These connectors are not only functionally reliable and easy to maintain, but can also be flexibly assembled in the field thanks to their large contact area. Further outstanding characteristics are their high shock and vibration resistance and protection ratings right through to IP68."


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