Full SMD Side Actuated Version of IP67-Sealed Tactile Switch Series

C&K Components, a global manufacturer of pushbutton switches, tact switches, toggle and rocker switches, and smart card interconnect devices, has expanded its KSC Series IP67-sealed tactile switch series to include a full surface mounted side-actuated version.  The KSC4V2 Series tact switches feature a unique design that allows for easy side or rocker key integration, permitting haptic adaptability, as well as ensuring the switches meet specific tactile feedback and sound (click) requirements.  The advancements found in the KSC4V2 Series tactile switches make them ideal for a number of harsh environment applications, including automotive and industrial, as well as network equipment and telecommunications.

“The haptics, or touch, feel and sound of a switch’s actuation are paramount to a user’s experience and impression of a particular device. In many applications, design engineers want user interfaces to respond and provide feedback in specific ways that are unique to their devices.  Essentially, this feedback is part of the identity of their product,” said Eric Grange, product manager at C&K Components. “The new KSC4V2 Series tactile switches not only provide versatility and integration flexibility, but also the haptic customization that is vital to many products.”

The KSC4V2 Series tactile switches are available with different soft actuators, including silicon and EPDM, to meet haptic requirements.

The SPST momentary switches deliver positive tactile feeling with an operating force of 1N to 5N. Featuring gold or silver contacts, with an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +125ºC,  the KSC4V2 Series switches are constructed with a specific top plate for soldering onto the PCB, preventing coplanarity issues, and shear resistance is easily handled by the addition of a back support. The KSC4V2 Series switches are available in tape and reel packing and are compatible for automated assembly processes.


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