Fuji Electric Receives Order for Door Systems for the Macau Light Rapid Transit System

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., announced that it has received orders from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., for electrical door systems for the Macau Light Rapid Transit (Macau LRT) system, planned for construction by the government of the Macau Special Administrative Region (SARG) of the People's Republic of China.

As the growing population of Macau leads to greater suburbanization, the government is planning to develop new means of transportation to connect the city center with suburban areas. The Macau LRT will be a new transportation line connecting the northern part of the Macau Peninsula with the island of Taipa and will comprise a total length of 20 kilometers. Operations are scheduled to commence in April 2015.

Over a period of about one year, beginning from the autumn of 2012, Fuji Electric plans to deliver a total of 440 door systems for a driverless and rubber-tired automated people mover (APM) for Macau LRT.

(1)     Reliability in railway operations
      Fuji Electric develops and manufactures door systems that achieve highly intelligent control over door operations based on the Company’s proprietary power electronics technologies and electric motor drive method. The door systems satisfy the strict safety requirements for railway operations.
(2)     Lightweight equipment
      Since the Macau LRT will run on elevated tracks, the weight of the train cars, including all equipment, is required to be designed as light as the designed limit. Due to this requirement, Fuji Electric has reduced the weight of the door systems by about 30% compared to its previous model.
(3)     Safety certification
      To provide certified railway-related products, Fuji Electric is planning to acquire Safety Integrity Level (SIL) certification applicable for railways. The design and development of product safety functions in relation to these standards are audited by independent certification organizations. Accordingly, Fuji Electric is aiming to manufacture and supply products with an even higher level of safety.


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