FTDI Release ‘XE 0.6” Wide Development Modules for the FT-X Series of Devices

Adding to the already extensive range of support modules for the FT-X series of devices, FTDI are pleased to announce the introduction of 0.6” wide development modules for the FT201X, FT221X, FT231X and FT240X IC’s, complimenting the 0.3” wide ‘XA range.

These modules provide a mini B connector to interface with the USB port and DIP pins provide access to all other device signals which may be routed out onto breadboard designs.

FT-X series devices offer lower power, lower pin count, and a leadership feature set, that makes bridging from a USB ports to UART, I2C, enhanced SPI (FT1248) or FIFO interfaces  easy to design and implement. Key features include:
  •     Battery charger detection to enable higher current, faster charging
  •     Extensive clocking capabilities; internal clock generation and external clock out
  •     Internal 3.3V regulator
  •     Integrated crystal and Multi-Time –Programmable (MTP) memory to save board space and maximize flexibility
As per previous FTDI chip  series, the devices are supported by FTDI’s royalty free drivers for all major OS.


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