FTDI Announces USB Support for Raspberry Pi

Today, FTDI is announcing two products that connect to the Raspberry Pi (RPi) development system. The first, TTL-232R-RPi, is a USB-to-TTL Serial UART debug cable that enables a PC to connect the RPi header for improved debug capability.  The second product, RPI-HUB-MODULE,  is designed to connect to an RPi unit and expand the number of interfaces that can be accessed downstream from a host.

Only recently released, Raspberry Pi is a simple, low cost computer board aimed at inspiring youngsters to learn the fundamental principles of programming. Running the Linux operating system, with a compact format that is the size of a credit card, it utilises a 700 MHz ARM-based processor and has 256 MByte SDRAM memory. Raspberry Pi  plugs into your TV and a keyboard, and becomes a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spread- sheets, word-processing and games.


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