Fluke Calibration PG9602 Piston Gauge Provides Improved Pressure Uncertainties to Leading Pressure Laboratories

Fluke® Calibration, a leader in precision calibration instrumentation and software, introduces the PG9602 Piston Gauge, a no-compromise reference standard designed for the highest level of pressure metrology and research.

The PG9602 piston gauge was developed with the requirements of National Measurement Institutes and researchers in mind. Improved piston gauge design and measurement of operating conditions reduce sources of uncertainty in the determination of pressure. A 100 kg mass load provides a wide range defined by each piston-cylinder assembly and enables improved overlap of piston-cylinders for inter-comparison. 

Fluke Calibration AMH automated mass handling technology allows fully unattended testing, establishes a better reference vacuum and improves long-term mass stability. The PG9602 piston-gauge, combined with Fluke Calibration’s PG9607 50 mm piston gauge, enables realization and dissemination of pressure values to 10 MPa with very low uncertainties, and directly traceable to dimensional measurements.

COMPASS® calibration management software is also offered to support complete test system automation, including some cross-float setups, without the need for custom programming. PG9000 automation and COMPASS enable exhaustive characterization of pressure devices and extensive pressure measurement studies.


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