Fan Style Ionizer: Static Elimination for Benchtops and Enclosures - IZF10 Series

Accumulated static electricity causes problems in the manufacturing environment.  Plastic wrap, labels or foam packing clings and attracts dust and dirt, causing misapplication or contamination.  Excess static charge damages sensitive electronic components.  Even comfort and safety of personnel can be compromised.  Solve these problems with SMC's latest static eliminating device, the IZF10 fan type ionizer.

The IZF10 achieves a +/-13V ion balance within 1.5 seconds.  A lower noise option is also available, operating at a quiet 34dBA.  Three LED's alert you to the power ON condition, abnormally high voltage, and when the electrodes need cleaning.  At the end of useful life, the electrodes can even be replaced, extending the value of the device.  The small form factor adapts well to enclosure mounting, or select the benchtop mounting bracket for free positioning.


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