Excelitas Technologies Introduces New High-performance Surface-mount Optoelectronic Devices for Cutting-edge Sensing Applications at SENSOR + TEST 2012

Excelitas Technologies, a global provider of innovative, customized optoelectronic solutions, will debut its newest high-performance surface-mount pyroelectric infrared detectors, thermopiles, avalanche photodiodes, and SMD Opto Assemblies at Sensor + Test 2012, which is taking place May 22-24 at the N├╝rnberg Exhibition Centre. Excelitas’ innovative range of detectors in SMD is expressly designed to enable automated, high-volume production for cutting-edge sensing applications, including motion and presence detection, non-contact temperature sensing, and gesture recognition.

“Excelitas Technologies is delighted to showcase at Sensor + Test the latest sensor innovations in our growing portfolio of thermal and solid state detection solutions,” said Michael Ersoni, senior vice president and general manager for the global detection business, Excelitas Technologies. “With our new surface-mount detectors, we are excited about the ability for our customers to ramp-up next-generation applications utilizing automated, high-volume assembly processes,” Mr. Ersoni added.


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